CEO Greeting

CEO’s Greeting

We will offer optimal solutions
to our customers.

Thank you for visiting JC1. We hope to become a partner that helps nurture
the dreams of our customers.
We will offer our customers expertise and optimal solutions
that are ahead of the digital information era.

With proprietary core solutions and the greatest experts in the field,
we provide innovative values for the success of our clients.

JC1 will continue to
think from the customer’s perspective,
conduct research and development for them,
and become a truly customer-centric company that nurtures their dreams.

We thank all our customers who supported us with unchanging sympathy,
and will repay your support by developing more competitive solutions.

JC1 will pioneer the global market with the best technology and passion,
and promise to become a partner that nurtures the dreams of our customers by
thinking from the customer’s perspective once more.