The corporate image signifies JC1 as a company that constantly looks toward the future and develops advanced solutions based on creativity, and provides the best solutions to our clients.
JC1’s logo is a core element that conveys JC1’s values. It must be used according to the prescribed example, and cannot be altered arbitrarily without permission.

Exclusive color

JC1’s colors are indispensable elements that create a visual image and convey JC1’s unique characteristics. Therefore, consistent images must be delivered under precise management.



C100 M82 Y33 K0



C0 M60 Y100 K0



C62 M54 Y50 K1

Paperless solution

Integrated electronic document management

Cloud electronic contract solutions

Word-based electronic contract solutions

Korean language-based electronic contract solutions

Contents Archiving Solution

Voice Archives Integration Backup Solution

Integration Backup Solution

Big data archiving solution

History content management solution

Business support workflow

Massive Date Transfer Integrator Software