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Paperless electronic document solutions

Select paperless electronic
document SmartⓔForm with
verified performance and security

Hi SmartⓔForm solutions from JC1, who leads the paperless market, uses electronic documents instead of writing and storing physical paper documents. It is an eForm-based electronic document management solution that writes, distributes, stores, and manages electronic forms.
By building eco-friendly technology based on low-carbon green growth, customers can reduce paper document management costs, and achieve business process innovation without being limited by time or space.

Features of the Hi SmartⓔForm Solution

HTML5-based web technology

  • It applies HTML5 Canvas & CSS3 technology

  • It applies HTML-Rendering technology

  • It creates electronic form via calling web URLs

Multi Platform Oriented

  • Quick-response of the latest OS of the smart devices

  • No electronic download and encryption/decryption required ps

  • Server-based business logic implementation eliminates redistribution of ap

Improvement of operation and stability

  • It implements the same electronic format on iOS, Android, and Windows

  • Easy to expand with various work channels (expand branch offices)

  • It improves development productivity by changing business

Improved Form Designer

  • Easy and convenient Form Designer support

  • It minimizes source coding by diversifying XML-based property settings

  • Form Manager support for integrated forms management

Service function

SmartⓔForm consists of
a convenient and highly secure solution.

Server Solution

  • Document conversion engine (HTML, XML, IMAGE), document merging, creation of validation script

  • WAS based internal/external system interworking (image system, EMS, TSA, public station etc.)

  • Time stamp – Prevention of non-repudiation and forgery of electronic documents

  • Convert images (PDF, TIFF, JPEG, PNG, etc.) of PDF documents

  • Cancellation/decryption of PDF documents and Masking of personal information in PDF documents

  • Electronic version management and distribution, departmental authority access control

  • Final Contract Document Life Cycle Management

Client Solution

  • Engine for Tablet PC based on HTML5

  • Identification and paperwork Camera shooting, Attach in electronic documents

  • PDF-only viewer for Android / iOS / Windows-Mobile

Design Tool

  • PDF-only viewer for Android / iOS / Windows-Mobile

Areas of application

Use SmartⓔForms with
verified performance and security
in various fields.


Electronic slip, loan agreement & account opening


Insurance subscription application, Account opening application & Card application


Franchise agreement & Application form


Surgical consent form & optional health care agreement


Electronic contract/site inspection report


Questionnaire, Application for civil complaint & Property Contract

Expected benefits

We offer support to
improve business process efficiency.

Supports various device OS by using standard web technology

Programs are lightweight by using only XML data

Blocks the source of personal information leaks because there
is no need to download forms

Reduces development tasks with no need to
developing programs for every OS

Quick and stable through server-based final
PDF generation and time stamping

No need for app distribution by
configuring business logic from the server


Work with JC1 who leads the
paperless market.

DB Life Insurance

Woongjin Thinkbig

Hyundai Marine & Fire Insurance

KB Life Insurance

Nonghyup Life Insurance

Dongyang Life Insurance

Industrial Bank of Korea

Lotte Rent-a-Car

Orange Life


Training for Hansol

Kyobo Life Insurance

Post Office Information Center

OSB Savings Bank

Konkuk University Hospital

SCI evaluation information

Mercedes-Benz Financial Services

Samsung Medical Center

Cha Hospital (Ilsan / Bundang)

Dongguk University Hospital

Hanwha Hotels & Resorts

Sunin Car

Hotel Silla


SY Auto Capital

First Data

Auto plus

Philip Morris of Korea

THK Company

Seongho line

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