Electronic document management solutions

Integrated electronic document management solution

Integrated electronic document management solution that centrally focuses on and manages the company's intellectual assets

This solution centrally integrates and manages electronic documents of a company dispersed on personal PCs.
It provides core functions of managing the flow of all documents from creation to storage, utilization, preservation, and disposal.
The SmartⓔArchiver solution supports document box functions, statistical functions, management functions, and system functions for integrated management of all contents created by the company.

SmartⓔArchiver Solution Function


It provides functions such as creating folders and authorizing documents in the Inbox, and registering documents, checking in and out and downloading
  • Folder management (registration, modification, deletion)

  • Folder rights management

  • Document management (registration, check-in, check-out)

  • Document rights management

  • Download attached file


Provides visualization and Excel output function for various statistics and information, so you can easily check the number of document registration
  • Statistics by category (number of registrations, registrants, organization charts)

  • By date (year, month, day)

  • Statistical Excel output


It provides user/group management, repository, trash, and disposal management functions to operate the system
  • User Management

  • Group Management

  • Folder/Permission Setting

  • Additional properties

  • Document log

  • Storage

  • Trash

  • Disposal management


It provides functions such as adding, modifying, and deleting menu and code for system integration management and access log management function
  • Menu management

  • Code management

  • Permission level/Document function

  • Connection log

  • Environment variable

Block Diagram for SmartⓔArchiver Linked Solution

Problems and necessities of most companies

Current Document Management Issues

90% of company documents are stored on personal PCs

Unable to control by authority of document

The risk of loss of document due to
document handover failures

Difficulty in sharing and utilizing the company’s
assets-leading to reduction of corporate asset values

Need to manage documents

Requires smart work environment regardless
of time and place

Improve work efficiency by
sharing document in organization

Securing security through authority management
for documents

Accumulation of intangible intellectual assets possessed
by enterprises


All content generated by the company is managed in an integrated fashion.

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