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BDIntegrator is an optimal API that links with the Isilon Native API developed by JC1. It saves files in an optimal format that is suitable for the characteristics of Isilon, and provides standardized API modules such as data extraction for data backup, recovery in case of DB failure, and search functions, and can be applied to a variety of applications.
It is optimized not only for managing large amounts of data, but also for managing data that can create value with technology that can effectively process and analyze that data.

Benefits of BDIntegrator

Optimal API through WORM storage archiving connection

Saves as an optimal file to suit the characteristics of large file management

Optimizes storage and search speed

Separate management of keys linked with the application DB

Sets a retention period according to the recording file type/extension with an auto-delete function

Provides a file information explorer in the archiving storage

Provides a GUI to schedule and set the file size

Provides an execution log/result inquiry and environment setting GUI

Provides standardized API modules (JAVA, Dll)

Sets a retention period at the directory level

Sets a retention period for recording files in minutes

Complies with the International Financial Standards SEC 17a-4

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