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Content archiving solution

Mass Content Archiving

CAIntegrator is an optimal solution for efficiently managing high volume content that requires the original file to be preserved in WORM storage. It is a proven solution that supports large-scale file management and has the best performance in environments where small files are managed in large quantities.
It is designed to optimize speed and performance, such as multi-thread support and containerizing functions to maximize archiving speed.

CAIntegrator Overview

Optimal API through WORM storage archiving connection

Saves as an optimal file that is suitable for large file management

Provides data extraction function for backing up data in the archiving storage

Separate management of keys linked with the application DB

Recoverable in case of DB failure

Provides a file information explorer in the archiving storage

Provides a GUI for scheduling and file size setting

Provides an execution log and environment setting GUI

Provides an execution result inquiry GUI

Consists of pure JAVA, so it is platform-independent, and expandable

Provides real-time monitoring through the web

Provides a standardized API module (JAVA, Dll)

CAIntegrator Achitecture

Success Cases

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Supreme Court

KDB Life Insurance

LINA Life Insurance

DGB Life Insurance

Hyundai Marine

Lotte Card

AIA Life Insurance

Samsung Life Insurance


Dongbu Insurance

National Archives

IBK Industrial Bank of Korea

Korea Customs Service

Ministry of Public Administration and Security

Unification club

Korean Intellectual Property Office

Seoul Metropolitan Government

Presidential Archives

Korea Scholarship Foundation

National health insurance

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