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Most public institutions and local governments have established a standard records management system for the National Archives of Korea.
However, temporary records and unorganized records that are not managed as public records or are scheduled to be managed are temporarily stored in the library or stored separately in the department. JC1’s CMWorkflow is a content management task support workflow that thoroughly investigates the management of these temporary and unorganized records, adds them to a management list, and supports tasks such as export and disposal.

CMWorkflow Main functions

Inventory inspection

full investigation,
detailed inquiry

Inspection management

Excel list view,
Excel registration

Tag management

Target preemption,
tag output,
query result output

Export list management

history management,
revocation list management

Common Code/Log Management

Menu/Authorization/ System Code Management

Statistics/User/Property Management

Bulk Delete / Serial Number Lookup

Expected Effects

We offer support to improve business process efficiency.

1. Removing management blind spots

You can manage the records that are left in the library and in the laboratory within a system.

2. Real-time management of managed lists and actual records

You can get real-time insight into the number, location, and status of the managed list.

3. Linkage with related systems

When a standard record management system is established, the convenience of the administrator is greatly improved.

CMWorkflow’s Business Processes

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