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Many are starting to understand the importance of records management for the “innovation of working methods” of public institutions. Our solutions build a national integrated record management system to strengthen the transparency and accountability of public institution administrative tasks, upgrade and standardize electronic records management, provide services to the public through the use of records information as a knowledge resource, and improves the efficiency of record management tasks.

Software solution

The standard records management software solution is as follows.

Massive Data Transfer Integrator Software

As a high-capacity transmission / reception solution optimized and integrated with the standard recording management system, it is possible to transfer the recording management system from the on-country system and the electronic approval system and this is a solution to transfer and receive the transfer from the standard recording management system to the central recording management system quickly, safely and accurately

Archiving Storage API

Standard recording management system software development platform supplied with EMC Centera, which is a proven record management system for records management system demonstration project, proliferation business, and central record management system; the first archiving storage API makes it the standard of record management system.

Archive RFID management solution

It is a management solution that supports RFID TAG processing and management for the records stored in the library in conjunction with the standard record management system and makes the export/import operation easier. In addition, JCR One MDTRfid is an excellent solution to dramatically reduce time and cost.

Connection Solutions

The standard records management connection solution is as follows.

Historical Records Management Solution

Regular records produced in production systems such as electronic document systems and On-Nara system are not allowed to be recorded in non-standard records such as audiovisual materials and administrative records that are not included in the standard records management system management; we support the management of unstructured records such as audiovisual materials, administrative articles currently retained by public institutions.

Archival Bulk Registration Solution

A solution that uploads a DB construction project or self-produced record scan images, record files, and lists of records to a standard records management system for many years in a lump.

Archival Image Upload Solution

MDTScanner provides easy and fast non-electronic document registration by providing image scanning and correction function for attaching images to the list of records registered in the standard recording management system, and attaching scan images directly to the list of records

Standard recording management linkage diagram

Standard recording management solution configuration diagram

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