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JC1’s UACentre (Unified Archive Centre) is a platform that allows clients to efficiently manage their historical records using processes that support the collection/production, organization, preservation, and utilization of all types of records generated by corporations and public institutions. The UACentre securely and permanently collects important historical records such as photos, videos, audio, scanned images, electronic documents, etc. and offers support so that these materials can be used quickly regardless of where the client is.
It provides functions for real-time processing of non-electronic records that are being managed as written files and builds a management system for non-electronic records in electronic form.
The UACentre is in compliance with the General International Standard Archival Description (ISAD) in consideration of international use, and is a future-oriented system that utilizes the latest open source and open standard technology. It offers convenient records management and maximizes the use of cultural heritage records by establishing a historical records management system with anti-counterfeiting and integrity verification functions for long-term preservation.

UACentre Overview


  • Applies integrated record management in conformity with ISAD (International Standard Archival Description) records management produced in production systems such as electronic document systems and On-Nara System. IEvidence for ownership and use rights for own production, donation

  • Integration and systematization of all important documents such as photos, videos, voice, scanned images, electronic documents, drawings


  • Unlimited logical context placement independent of the physical storage structure

  • Supports multiple classification schemes and user-defined metadata generation

  • Function as a permanent archive repository


  • Providing web services for linking with websites and internal systems

  • Open source open, pure web based platform utilizing the latest standard technology

  • RFID based mobile library management support

Historical records management procedures and main functions

Collection / Registration

Features for acquiring and registering historical content as important historical documents for the institution by means of donation, purchase, consignment, etc.
  • Collection plan management

  • Lead file management

  • Case file management

  • Management of the donor of the collection

  • Management of donation confirmation certificate


For general users, it supports easy integrated search with title, content, and keywords as keywords. Support directory search based on classification system such as hierarchy, type, subject, source, timing for experts
  • Integrated search

  • Detailed search

  • Classification search

Statistical function

Supports visualization of content information with various topics and dimensions
  • by type

  • by type classification

  • by disclosure category

  • whether it is electronic

  • by status

  • by library

  • By acquisition method

  • By original collection place

Dashboard function

Supports Stateful Interaction to monitor changed information in real time
  • Chart of registration by type

  • Chart of original residence

  • Storage usage chart

  • Recent records

  • Top ranking

  • Reading rank

  • Popular record search ranking

Expected Effects

We offer support to improve business process efficiency.

Systematic and permanent record preservation of important historical records

Increases owned historical record assets (Approximately 100% - 200%)

Prevents loss and damage of important historical records

Enables use of historical records regardless of location

Standard record management in compliance with the General International Standard Archival Description (ISAD)

Advertisement of historical records that emphasizes tradition and history

Prevents forgery and manipulation and maintains integrity to safely preserve electronic records

Provides an open web service that can be used with various systems

Integrated management of important historical records, such as photos, videos, audio, electronic documents, drawings, etc.

Enhanced security based on thorough management of historical records and user permissions

Enables systematic and professional registration, preservation, and searching of records

Fields of Use

Use UACentre with verified performance and security in various fields.

General Business

historical contentmanagement system
Audiovisual Records Management system
Digital Archive system
Historical record management system
Photo Management system
RFID library management system

Public institutions

Special Tangible Management system
Audiovisual Records Management system
Public relations data management system
Digital Archive system
Cultural heritage archive system
RFID library management system

Religious institutions

Historical contentmanagement system
Historical record management system
Digital Archive system
Photo Management system
Video management system
RFID library management system

Success Cases

We support convenient records management and maximization of the use of archives and cultural heritage.

National Intangible Heritage Center


Gwangju City

National Institute of Cultural Heritage

The Korea Institute for the Advancement of Korean Studies


Gyeongsang National University



Bukyong National University

Namyangju City


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