Integrated recording back-up solutions

Integrated recording back-up solutions

Verified integrated recording back-up system solution

The VoiceArchiver integrated recording back-up solution is a product with verified performance and stability, and is implemented by the most financial institutions in Korea.
In addition, it can be implemented quickly as a package solution that reflects the requirements of various financial clients. We have success cases of interfacing and integrating various domestic and overseas recording systems based on professional manpower.

Key Functions of the Integrated Recording Back-up Solution

Insurance companies are obliged to improve and build partnership recording file transmission solutions, and to create and operate management guidelines in
compliance with the Financial Supervisory Service’s management regulations for insurance telecommunication sales, which have recently been tightened.
In addition, they need to prepare for security management and loss of recorded files to comply with the Personal Information Protection Act,
and to respond promptly to disputes with customers.

Comply with the Financial Supervisory Service's [Insurance Telecommunication Sales Task Process Standards]

Thorough security and management of index information and recording files to comply with the Personal Information Protection Act

Stable solution by building, operating, and verifying multiple integrated recording back-up systems

Real-time transmission of recording files and centrally focused integrated monitoring

Create an open system environment that is independent from the recording system company

Create an open system environment that is independent from the call center service company

Stable storage of original files that cannot be forged by implementing a recording file WORM storage

Success cases of big data integrated management software solutions in Korea

Provide online listening service according to the customer's disclosure request

Integrated recording back-up systems have been successfully built and are being operated by most insurance companies

Expected Effects

We comply with the best practices for insurance telecommunication sales of the Financial Supervisory Service.

Comply with the regulations of supervisory services

  • Systematically respond to strengthened regulations of the Financial Supervisory Service's [Insurance Telecommunications Sales Task Process Standards]

  • Quick response to requests for materials from monitoring supervisory services for each detailed item through the online statistics search function

  • Complies with the integrated recording system DR regulations of financial institutions

Integrated Management of Recording Files

  • Centrally focused integrated management by automatically sending customer recording files in real-time

  • Each department can quickly search and use online if necessary

  • Integrated management of recording files during all application processes through the securities number

  • E-mail service allows for quick action in case of errors by checking the application record file mapping check

Respond to Civil Complaints

  • Prepare for an internal response by promptly listening to the content of recording files in case of civil complaints

  • Improved customer satisfaction by shortening inquiry time by linking the phone and website

Personal Information Security

  • Strengthen security based on thorough search/listening/download rights management and history management for access to recording file content

  • Strengthen the security of the recording files by encrypting the recording file

Back-up and Result Task Automation

  • Daily transmission status management for each center allows clients to check the contents of daily recording files, so that they can check the daily backup status and prevent loss of recording files

  • Disaster recovery response with automated remote replication solution configuration

  • Online service provided via remote equipment in case of center failure

Benefits of the Solution

Verified solution used by
various financial institutions

Solution verified for Samsung Fire & Marine, Samsung Life Insurance, LINA Life Insurance, AIA Life Insurance, Tong Yang Life Insurance, Hyundai Life Insurance, DGB Life Insurance, Hyundai Marine & Fire Insurance, NongHyup National Agricultural Cooperative Federation, etc.

  • System proven in the recording integration field in the financial sector for more than 8 years

  • No. 1 solution for the establishment of an integrated recording backup system for insurance companies

  • Successful establishment and operation of large-scale integrated recording backup systems

Provided interface implementation
methods for various partner centers

We have experience with various foreign interfaces such as Verint, NICE, EnsemblePro, etc. and experience with various domestic recording system interfaces such as Ziphone, C NET, MS Electronics, MPC, Inno Inc, Veloce, etc.

  • Provision of direct / indirect / web uploading methods

  • Flexible structure independent from the recording system

  • Experience with various recording system interfaces

Provision of professional solution
for big data management of recorded files

Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance, Samsung Life Insurance, LINA Life Insurance, AIA Life Insurance, Hyundai Marine & Fire Insurance, DGB Life Insurance, Dongbu Insurance, AIA Insurance, Industrial Bank of Korea, Korea Exchange Bank, Supreme Court, Seoul City Hall, Ministry of Unification, Intellectual Property Office, Korea Customs Service, etc.

  • Proprietary solutions for hundreds of TB recording file big data management

  • Verified solutions implemented at over 100 sites

  • Original recording preservation and WORM application with outstanding security

Successful set-up and
operation professionals

One-stop technical support with experience in building and operating insurance company recording integration / archiving and operating a 24/7 technical support organization

  • Professional execution personnel with profound experience in recording integrated backup

  • One-stop service support for applications and hardware

  • Operation of a dedicated organization for maintenance and technical support

Solution Process

When an agent records a call with a customer at the call center, a recording file is created by the recording equipment at the call center,
and the backup agent extracts the target backup recording file and sends it to the integrated recording system.
It is stored on the same day in the operation WORM storage from the integrated storage, and copied to the backup WORM
of the DR center that is connected to the operation WORM storage to securely store the recorded file.

패키지 구성

녹취통합백업시스템 구축을 위한 솔루션 패키지 소프트웨어 주요 기능구성도 입니다.
라이나생명, 삼성생명, AIA생명, 농협중앙회, DGB생명, 현대 해상과 같은 많은 금융권에서 성공적으로 구축하여 운영하여온 경험이 있는 검증된 솔루션 입니다.

녹취파일 추출

  • DB연계

  • 녹취파일 추출

  • 녹취파일 인덱싱


  • 전송방식 지정

  • 파일추출방법설정

  • 자동파일삭제설정

녹취파일 전송

  • 자동전송

  • 수동전송


  • 통합검색

  • 폴더검색


  • 녹취파일통합 결과

  • 스토리지 현황

  • 최종전송 현황

  • 전송프로그램 현황


  • 녹취정보관리

  • 코드관리

  • 사용자 관리

  • 스토리지 관리


  • 파일시스템 저장

  • 녹취파일 분류


  • 파일시스템 저장

  • 녹취파일 분류


  • QA심사

  • 심사결과 조회


  • 상품관리

  • 고지사항관리

  • 평가표관리


  • 상품별 QA율

  • QA결과별 QA율

  • 녹취마킹 통계


  • DB 검색

  • 대상파일 추출

  • 아카이빙 전송

  • 보존기간


  • WORM 파일검색

  • TAG 검색


  • WORM현황모니터링

  • 프로그램 현황

Service function

The integrated recording backup solution consists of a solution with various functions and high security.

Integrated Management of Recording Files​

  • Integrated storage management by classifying recording files that are automatically transmitted from the recording system

  • Search and inquiry listening support through various search conditions through the web screen

  • User, system, transmission status, history status, etc. can be managed through the administrator function

Integrated QA Task Management

  • Call quality/complete sales monitoring of recorded files generated through inbound/outbound calls

  • Support for QA monitoring of recorded files by a series of agents, such as distribution, examination, inquiry, evaluation, and statistics

  • Product management, notification management, evaluation table management

Automatic Transmission of Recording Files

  • Recording system and interface established for each direct call center / ASP call center

  • Extracts and automatically transmits the recording file and metadata according to the characteristics of the recording system

  • Provides a flexible recording integration environment by linking with more than 30 various recording systems domestically and overseas

Recording File WORM Archiving

  • Archiving and remote storage of recording files stored in a mass storage

  • Preservation management and hash integrity verification function to prevent forgery and manipulation of original recording files

  • Search, restore, and extract files saved in the archiving storage through a web screen

Batch Upload Utility

  • CD/DVD/HDD recording file upload migration utility

  • Automatic recording file upload processing function according to the index configuration type or media type

녹취통합관리솔루션 적용화면


녹취통합백업시스템 로그인 화면이며, VoiceArchiver는 계약과 관련된 콜센터 녹취 콜 전건 One-stop 검색 및 안정성을 확보할 수 있도록 최적화 개발된 패키지솔루션입니다. 계약과 관련된 모든 녹취파일을 보존기간 동안 통합적으로 관리하고, 온라인으로 검색.활용 할 수 있는 시스템으로 ID와 Password는 자체 또는 기간계시스템과 연계 할 수 있습니다.


VoiceArchiver는 통합된 녹취파일에 대해서 상담일자, 상담시간, 증권번호, 센터, 팀, 계약자명, 상담원 등과 같은 다양한 조건으로 지역에 상관없이 Real-time으로 녹취파일을 검색 및 청취 할 수 있는 기능을 제공합니다.


VoiceArchiver 솔루션은 ‘폴더검색’ 기능을 통하여 고객의 정보가 없어도 센터별, 연도별, 월별, 일별로 녹취파일을 검색할 수 있는 기능을 제공하여, 다양한 방식으로 녹취파일을 검색, 활용할 수 있습니다.

녹취파일 청취

VoiceArchiver 솔루션은 Voice Recording System에서 생성된 Native File을 원본으로 관리하며, 윈도우 미디어 플레이어를 기본 플레이어로 지정합니다. 또한 독자적인 파일포맷을 사용하는 경우에는 다양한 미디어 타입에 따라 필요한 미디어 플레이어를 등록하여 자동으로 녹취파일을 청취하도록 지원합니다.

녹취 검증시스템 운영(WEB)

VoiceArchiver 솔루션은 청약시스템과 연계를 통해 해당파일 존재여부와 Index의 고객정보가 일치하는지 확인 후 응답하는 녹취 검증 시스템을 운영하도록 함으로써 녹취파일 유실을 방지하게 하며, 녹취파일 전송 프로그램(BKIntegrator)에서 센터별 일자별로 전송 건수 정보를 확인 할 수 있습니다.

솔루션 보안성 검증

제안사가 제공하는 솔루션(VoiceArchiver) 은 농협, AIA생명에서 솔루션 에 대한 보안성 항목인 SQL Injection, CrossSite Scripting, 세션 ID 업데이트, 암호화된 세션(SSL) 쿠키의 누락된 보안속성, 약한 SSL 암호 스위트 지원 등을 체크 하는 IBM 사의 AppScan의 테스트를 통과 하였습 니다. 또한 삼성화재, 삼성생명에도 적용 보완 완료 되었습니다.


We have the experience and professional manpower to create interfaces for various domestic and foreign recording systems.

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